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SD-WAN Service Portfolio

Network Connectivity

Unrivaled performance and connectivity options: MPLS, Ethernet, Local Internet, Broadband, LTE/4G in over 190 countries.


Real-time Network Analytics

Multi-dimensional visualization with replay functionality of application performance, network security, utilization, and end-user experience.


Secure Web Gateways

Secure Web Gateways located at 75+ globally distributed Local Cloud Centers (LCCs) closer to client locations to protect customers from Internet threats.



Global business environments are changing quickly for the enterprise, driving rapid transformation in IT network strategies. NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio offers enterprise customers solutions designed to support their global network requirements and is available today in over 190 countries.

NTT SD-WAN services transform the way networks are designed and built by leveraging the industry’s leading global SD-WAN platform to deliver a next generation WAN solution with application-awareness, optimized MPLS, Internet, or hybrid connectivity networking, fully integrated security and application acceleration services to optimize the user experience.

NTT SD-WAN Services Portfolio

NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio provides flexible network connectivity options for enterprises with a rich suite of Internet security, remote access VPN, and application acceleration capabilities to ensure high levels of network availability, performance, security and allows customers to transform their network architecture, optimize connectivity to the cloud, and improve the overall end user experience.

NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio is transport-independent. Based on the client’s specific reliability and overall business needs, NTT Com can mix and match multiple types of access technologies such as Ethernet, Internet, Broadband, Fixed Wireless and 4G/LTE, and deliver the most optimal connectivity solutions to the internet and to one of NTT Com’s 75+ global Local Cloud Centers (LCCs). NTT Com has the experience and relationships with over 1,000 local ISPs and network providers worldwide to ensure customers receive the best combination of speed, resiliency and performance at each one of their sites. Customers also have the flexibility to leverage their own provided network connectivity (Bring Your Own Access) anywhere in the world.

NTT SD-WAN solutions provide optimized routing capabilities to improve network performance for customers. NTT Com has the knowledge and expertise to design and support superior enterprise SD-WAN solutions with advanced routing optimization capabilities to distribute and manage customers’ traffic, including local ISP path optimization, traffic prioritization, and performance based routing via active-active path control.

NTT’s SD-WAN platform integrates NTT Com’s cloud-based security services such as Secure Web Gateway, SSL VPN and IP Sec (B2B) Gateways, and Application Acceleration Gateways. Our cloud-based services allow businesses to become more agile and responsive to user needs by providing self-service activation within minutes and real-time configuration change management through a secure customer portal. The portal greatly simplifies the set-up and management of customers’ global network, providing them with the tools to support on-demand capacity requirements and business continuity planning while reducing Capex expenditure significantly.

NTT’s SD-WAN Service Portfolio supports 10+ leading and emerging SD-WAN CPE vendors, including both traditional CPE and uCPE. NTT Com’s uCPE service offering enables value-added Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) services at the customer premises. NTT Com works closely with our customers to optimize their network and security architecture by seamlessly integrating cloud and CPE based solutions.

NTT’s SD-WAN platform can extend customers’ network to optimize connectivity to major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle® Cloud and other popular cloud/SaaS applications, providing end-users with fast, secure and efficient access to cloud-based resources and applications.

NTT Com’s Real-time Streaming Network Analytics is offered in conjunction with its SD-WAN Service Portfolio, and allows customers to keep a pulse on the health of their network and continuously monitor traffic flows. The groundbreaking tool also provides multi-dimensional visualization of application performance, network security, and utilization, with replay functionality that enables CIOs and their IT staff to analyze and mitigate issues at the site level, application dimension, or individual IP address faster than ever before, leading to a greatly improved end-user experience.

NTT Com is able to strategically assist organizations with their network transformation and SD-WAN initiatives. NTT Com acts as a single point of contact for SD-WAN network design, delivery and installation of network and CPE devices, advanced 24×7 monitoring and management of customers’ global SD-WAN solutions on a global scale, and leverages predictive network analytics to proactively identify, detect and resolve network issues and optimize network performance to enhance end-user experience. NTT Com offers customers a portal that provides end-to-end transparency and unprecedented visibility and control into their SD-WAN services.

NTT’s SD-WAN platform is based on a groundbreaking architecture with 100% global software defined network for overlay services. The platform is locally distributed around the world via 75+ local cloud centers (LCCs), optimized for network, mobility, and security services. NTT’s software defined network allows customers to have a more flexible and agile global network. Customers can activate new services in minutes and can consume services in flexible ways, including innovative pay-per-use models.

NTT’s SD-WAN platform enables the seamless integration of all services consumed by customers independent of connectivity type, technology, or solution architecture.

NTT SD-WAN real-time streaming network analytics offers CIOs and their IT staff deep insight into application performance, network security, and the end-user experience. The platform also supports the delivery of services from customer premises equipment located at customer branch offices.


Customer and Analyst Quote:
“Inteva’s business is dependent on our network performance and NTT’s global SD-WAN network services provide us with high network reliability and performance. NTT Com’s customer support team is highly proactive and responsive which allows us to focus on running our core business,”
Dennis Hodges, CIO, Inteva Products, LCC.

“NTT Com is raising the bar in the telecom industry by reaching a global, 100 percent software defined network milestone and in offering a ubiquitous overlay of SD-WAN network, application acceleration, and security services for enterprises around the globe. Among the most innovative and globally flexible solutions available in the market today, NTT’s SD-WAN Service Portfolio delivers the reach, performance, and adaptability organizations need to meet today’s business demands and transform their enterprise networks.”
Michael Suby, Stratecast VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan

Features and Specifications

SD-WAN Network Connectivity

Enterprises require choices and flexibility to select the best SD-WAN network connectivity options at each one of their global office locations.  NTT Com has decades of experience and relationships with over 1,000 ISPs and network providers worldwide, and can ensure customers receive the best combination of speed, resiliency, and network performance at all their sites.  


Based on the customer’s specific requirements and overall business needs, NTT Com can mix and match multiple types of network technologies such as MPLS, Ethernet, Internet, Broadband, Wireless and 4G/LTE, and deliver the most optimal connectivity solution for each customer office.  NTT Com also offers connectivity options with full network and path diversity.  


Alternatively, customers can provide their own network connections at any of their office locations and NTT will integrate those connections into a complete SD-WAN solution for the customer.  NTT Com offers the option to manage customer provided network connections, eliminating a major pain point for customers in managing multiple network service provider relationships around the world.


NTT SD-WAN customers also benefit from NTT Com’s optimized cloud connectivity to major SaaS and Cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Oracle® Cloud and other cloud providers.


Application Visibility

Business analytics are widely used by enterprises to gain visibility into critical data to better manage and transform their business. NTT Com brings the same approach to drive better intelligence and visibility for clients into the behaviour and performance of the enterprise network, application performance, and the end-user experience. To meet these requirements, NTT Com developed a powerful tool – “Streaming Application Visibility Analytics” to allow customers to have real-time in-depth view of their network and application performance:

  • Real time, interactive dashboards that enable enterprises to keep an instant pulse on the health of their network and applications and to continuously monitor traffic flows, allowing them to more quickly identify and respond to business impacting events.
  • Multi-dimensional visualization of application performance, network security, utilization, and end-user experience, enabling organizations to analyze issues at the site level, application layer, or individual user level.
  • Replay function that significantly improves enterprise IT/Network team’s capabilities to pinpoint and isolate issues that occurred in the past, and efficiency identify remediation solutions to prevent these issues from occurring again.
Routing Optimization

ISP optimization  

NTT’s SD-WAN Platform provides optimized routing to enable the highest level of network performance for enterprise applications, bypassing Internet peering and congestion points. NTT SD-WAN solutions provide more connectivity to local ISPs, Cloud and SaaS providers resulting in the shortest and most direct path for customers’ network traffic.


Traffic Prioritization and Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS)

Standard SD-WAN offerings have an inherent limitation when it comes to QoS policy enforcement. Since most local ISPs do not offer or enforce QoS policies for inbound traffic destined to customer branch offices, traffic cannot be prioritized causing poor performance and a lower quality end-user experience. NTT’s global SD-WAN platform enables enforcement of QoS policies solving these challenges, enhancing application performance and improving the end-user experience.


Active-Active Path Routing

NTT SD-WAN supports active-active routing traffic simultaneously across all available network connections to customer sites such as MPLS, Internet, Broadband and LTE/4G. Routing policies are set-up to optimize network performance for specific applications.


Multi Cloud Connect

Customers are rapidly adopting cloud strategies to support their core business applications, compute workloads, and storage requirements. Migrating to the cloud requires a transformation of the enterprise network architecture and design to support an overall enterprise cloud strategy. As part of the NTT SD-WAN Global Platform, NTT’s Multi-Cloud Connect provides enterprises with the ability to directly connect their networks to public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle® Cloud, and other cloud providers, without sending network traffic over the public Internet. In addition, Internet connectivity provided via the secure web gateways within the NTT SD-WAN Platform optimizes connectivity to leading public cloud and SaaS providers via the Internet.

Secure Web Gateway

As customers increasingly migrate to cloud and deploy SD-WAN solutions utilizing Internet connectivity, new security challenges emerge. Protecting enterprise assets becomes a critical requirement, and suddenly enterprises find themselves having to purchase and support local security infrastructure for every branch office, increasing complexity, risks and costs. As part of NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio, NTT Com's Secure Web Gateway offers customers distributed Internet security via over 75 NTT Com Local Cloud Centers (LCCs) located globally. The service suite provides fine-grained firewall policy enforcement with intrusion prevention, web content filtering, and malware detection reporting.


Customers can choose to deploy network and security services through NTT Com’s Local Cloud Centers, premises based dedicated appliance or uCPE option. Customers have the option to self-manage via a web portal or NTT Com can offer managed services.


Firewall Service
The Firewall offering includes:

  • Securing web application traffic from corporate environment to the Internet
  • Fine-grained policy enforcement – Configure and manage policies in real time through a web portal.
  • Application aware controls – Instead of typical port-based policies, a customer can choose to allow the application itself. No more worrying if a customer has the correct ports opened, or closed.
  • Address, service, and application group definitions – customers have the ability to configure their address, service, and application objects, as well as group them together.
  • Protects against SYN, ICMP, UDP, and other IP-based flood attacks and with customizable thresholds.

Intrusion Protection Service
The Intrusion Protection offering can be added on to Firewall Service. It includes:

  • Protocol anomaly-based protection detects non-RFC compliant protocol traffic
  • Heuristic-based analysis detects anomalous packet and traffic patterns
  • Detects and blocks port scans, IP address sweeps, ICMP fragment attacks
  • Protection against HTML and malicious JavaScript
  • Detects and blocks viruses, spyware, known Bots, worms and Trojans

URL Filtering Service
The URL Filtering offering can be added on to Firewall Service. It includes:

  • Fully integrated, customizable web filtering engine allowing application of granular web-browsing policies
  • Destination-based policy enforcement
  • Choose 50+ web content classifications to allow or block
  • Definition of filtering rules and rule application
  • Whitelist and Blacklist capabilities – In addition to the category selection, a customer can specify specific URLs to allow or block
  • Activity reporting
  • URL database auto updates
  • Integration with Customer Authentication (Active Directory, LDAP, eDirectory) for role based filtering

Malware Detection Reporting
Malware Detection Reporting service includes:

  • Intelligent analysis of data flow:
    -Detection of a wide range of threats including malware, Shadow IT, phishing, Tor, etc.
    -Powered by a proprietary global risk database, compiled from over 60+ threat assessment sources
    -Prioritized reported alerts
Application Acceleration Gateway

NTT Com’s SD-WAN Application Acceleration Service provides customers with the ability to accelerate enterprise applications between any location – headquarters, data centers, branch offices, mobile workers, public/private clouds – anywhere in the world.  The Application Acceleration Service includes TCP optimization, caching and compression, and application specific optimization to boost the performance of enterprise applications traversing the enterprise WAN.  


The SD-WAN cloud-based Application Acceleration Service enables enterprises to avoid the high cost and complexity of dedicated application acceleration appliances at each branch office.


Customers can choose to deploy the Application Acceleration Services through NTT Com’s 75+ Local Cloud Centers, use premises based dedicated appliances or uCPE options.  Customers have the option to self-manage via a web portal or NTT Com can offer managed services. 


VPN Gateway

NTT SD-WAN Portfolio delivers scalable VPN gateway services to enable enterprises to connect to their business partners and support a mobile workforce.


NTT Com’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) VPN Service enables global enterprises to meet the ever-increasing demand for mobile remote access, while eliminating the need for client-software deployment, changes to internal servers, and costly ongoing maintenance and desktop support. NTT Com offers integration with customer Active Directory and 2-Factor authentication.


NTT Com offers a unique feature that connects mobile users to the closest VPN gateway, enabling enhanced performance for remote VPN users. Application acceleration services are also available via NTT’s Local Cloud Centers.


NTT Com’s 75+ Local Cloud Centers distributed around the world also enable IPSec-based virtual connectivity to help enterprises connect their network to business partners, cloud, or SaaS providers. This also allows customers to create meet-me VPNs from their remote branch offices or third party locations.


Customers can choose to deploy network and security services through NTT Com’s Local Cloud Centers, via premises based dedicated appliances or uCPE options. Customers have the option to self-manage via a web portal or NTT Com can offer managed services.

SD-WAN Customer Premises Devices

NTT Com offers customers the choice of selecting NTT Com provided or customer provided SD-WAN devices at their sites. NTT Com has the knowledge and expertise to manage SD-WAN technology available from both established and emerging SD-WAN technology vendors in the market. NTT Com works closely with customers to design and implement an SD-WAN network solution tailored to their specific needs and currently supports 10+ SD-WAN and uCPE vendors including white box options.

Virtualized uCPE Services

NTT Com’s uCPE Services enable Virtual Network and Security Functions (VNF) on the customer premises which allows customers to optimize their network architecture, network performance, capex budget, and reduce their operational costs.


NTT Com’s uCPE service offering enables value-added VNF services on the customer premises using uCPE technology. NTT Com works closely with customers to optimize their network architecture and leverage a combination of VNF services running on uCPE at the customer premises or from the edge of the NTT SD-WAN global platform. Customers have the option to self-manage via a web portal or NTT Com can offer managed services.


NTT Com’s uCPE service offering enables a comprehensive set of value-added services at the customer premises.


NTT Com’s uCPE services can provide the following VNF feature functionality:

  • SD-WAN
  • Routing
  • Firewall
  • URL Filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • WAN Optimization & Acceleration
  • Authentication (AAA)
  • Malware detection
  • WLAN functions
  • Application Visibility

NTT Com uCPE Services, in conjunction with NTT Com’s SD-WAN cloud-based service offerings, offers NTT Com customers an optimized network architecture, maximum flexibility, seamless integration, and rapid deployment capabilities to support customers’ enterprise network requirements.

Predictive Network Analytics

NTT Com’s SD-WAN Services are managed by world-class Global Operations Centers that perform 24×7 predictive modeling, monitoring and management with hands-on expertise across best-in-class technologies, delivering a superior end-user experience on a global basis. Predictive analytics algorithms and rules continuously analyze and process a large number of log and event data generated by network, security and other devices to accelerate the identification and resolution of client network issues before they affect operational performance.


NTT Com serves as a single point of contact worldwide for proactive management of a wide array of multi-vendor IT infrastructure – including SD-WAN, LAN, IP telephony, application acceleration and security devices – regardless of whether the architecture resides within headquarters, branch offices, private or public clouds.

Infrastructure Managment Services

NTT’s Infrastructure Management Services provide full life cycle: architecture, design, implementation, upgrades, and full proactive 24x7 management of a customer’s global network and security infrastructure. NTT Com Global Operations Centers serve as a single point of contact to provide 24x7 coverage of a wide variety of customer-owned multi-vendor devices – including WAN routers, LAN Ethernet switches, wireless LAN controllers and access points, load balancers, application acceleration appliances, network security platforms, and Unified Communications (UC) solutions – deployed across geographically-dispersed customer headquarters, data centers, private cloud centers, regional sites, and branch offices.


NTT Com also provides carrier management services where we manage networks procured by customer from other carriers or local ISPs.

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